How to Custom Tailor Your Suits

In the past a custom suit was the privilege of the wealthy and travelers to India and the orient. With the advent of the Internet and online shopping the custom suit has become a more viable choice for everyman.


Custom suit prices can still vary depending on quality of fabric, time to deliver and brand. So think about what your budget is, timing and use. If this custom suit is for a wedding, order with lots of time to make sure that you have everything that you need. If it is for everyday business think about what your business is and what you would like your custom suit to say about you.

The Details

Remember to give the company that you are ordering from (in person or on the Internet) as much information as possible. Let the store know what this custom suit will be used for, when you need to be able to wear it. Give them some idea about what fabrics that you like, if you don’t know, go find out. Feel some fabric, try on a few off-the-rack suits and get a sense of what you like. Think about colour before you get there or ask the sales staff or help desk for their professional advice. They can see you better than you can see yourself and they know what is happening in the fashion world. Contrary to popular belief there is no such thing as an all year round fabric. Light-weight wools that are suitable for summer wear are definitely not warm enough for winter and winter weight woolens are too warm for the heat of the summer. custom suits nj

Be Prepared

If you go into the store to make this purchase bring everything with you that you intend to wear with this suit, including wallet, pocket-handkerchief and anything that goes into your pockets. Let them design something that is functional and really works in your life.

Personal Service

Choose the sales person as opposed to letting them choose you. Look around, see who is working in the store and head towards someone who you can relate to or who dresses the way that you would to dress. He is more likely to understand you and your custom suit needs and this will save time and effort. When ordering a custom suit online, don’t just fill out forms and submit them without speaking to a live person!

Fashion & Style

The fit and fabric of a good suit can change with the winds of fashions. When considering the investment of a custom suit, think about finding a suit that fits your needs but also makes a style statement that is conservatively fashionable. The shoulders should be wide enough for comfort but not excessively so. The drape of the jacket fabric should caress the torso but not cling to it. The trousers should have room to move flexed muscles as you sprint for the elevator or limo door. The hand, or feel, of the fabric should be light, smooth and cool.


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