The Cookie Swap – A Variety of Christmas Cookies in One Afternoon

My daughter and I love baking so when the holidays come we find it quite fun to create a variety of cookies to have Christmas Day. We also love to give away as gifts to people that we are thankful for a package full Christmas Cookies.

A few years back my daughter and I baked and baked and then gave a variety of Christmas cookies to our friends. It took us several weeks to accomplish this task as we wanted the variety of cookies. We had poured over cookie recipes to decide which delicious cookies to make. We chose some favorite cookie recipes like a chocolate chip cookie recipe, our best sugar cookie, a peanut butter, a spritz, and a ginger cookie. We then looked at new ones as we wanted the top cookie recipes! We looked at other recipes for gingerbread, recipes for thumbprint cookies, a lemon cookie, a chocolate cookie recipe and you can’t forget about oatmeal cookies. When all was said and done we really had some great Christmas cookie recipes.

Then we compiled this huge shopping list for the ingredients they required. When we got all our materials together the baking began. This was going to take several weeks. So the Christmas Carols were on and the baking began. My daughter and I had a good time baking up her favorites a chocolate chip cookie recipe and the sugar cookies–best part was the cookie decorations. Now I did finish the baking of the rest by myself -Christmas music still going. However, the memories of the time we baked side by side with my daughter with our aprons dotted with flour was priceless.

When they were all baked we gift wrapped them in pretty Christmas tins and it was gift giving time. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we also had a nice tray of cookies left at home for our Christmas dinner.

A common comment from the gift recipient was that they loved the cookies but wouldn’t have done it themselves. It made me sad that the tradition of Christmas cookie baking had gotten lost with the heavy to-do lists. It got me thinking next year why don’t I host a Christmas cookie exchange? We all just bake one type of cookie, bring them to a fun holiday party during the party we cookie swap and we leave happy with a variety of cookies. So my planning began! cake bar thc We all had such a great time.

It is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and socialize with people you care about. Friends, neighbors and family gather together at your home, bringing their favorite baked cookies and cookie recipes. So a new Christmas tradition was born.

You too can create Christmas Tradition and host a Cookie Swap. I hope our story stirs up a little curiosity about an old tradition brought back into light. Simply Invite your guests, eat and swap cookies and enjoy each other’s company…isn’t that what Christmas is about really?

You may be saying, “I would love to create that Christmas Tradition, but how do you host a cookie swap?” Well, the good news is I have a great resource that will answer your question. It will take you step by step through the planning process, forms and checklists to keep you on track and ideas to keep a simple but fun Christmas Party.

So you can start a tradition without a lot of fuss. It is ” The Cookie Swap – Create a Christmas Tradition-One Cookie Recipe at a Time”. Get yours here.

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